Treat anxiety and depression naturally

Treat anxiety and depression naturally.

In today’s fast-paced world it has become all too easy to reach for your drug of choice – prescribed or otherwise – to quell feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. There are times when these drugs serve a life-saving purpose but for the most part they are not a long-term solution and tend to perpetuate the problem. What’s difficult, but far more rewarding, in the end, is to take the time to explore the root cause of your symptoms and find natural solutions for dealing with them.

Some stress (eustress) can be positive, focussing and motivating us to complete tasks on time for example; conversely, distress occurs when stressors are maintained or persistent, and begin to have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing. It’s an entirely natural response of our bodies to feel stressed when faced with a danger or threat, but that fight or flight response designed to protect us can get stuck on over-drive and wreak havoc in our lives if not bought under control.

When stress becomes chronic it creates a multitude of physiological changes in the body resulting in pain and illness, which if not dealt with in a natural and healthy manner, resolve into more serious mental and emotional problems, often leading to chronic anxiety and clinical depression.

Our response to stress is highly individualised so it then becomes imperative to address the imbalance in one’s life in ways that are positive, meaningful and lasting; to find ways to shift ‘stuck’ energy and transform distress into eustress; to gain a deeper awareness of your individual stress triggers and greater control of your reactions.

There are a myriad of natural solutions for addressing anxiety and depression including diet and lifestyle changes, learning to cultivate positive emotions, meditation and guided imagery, mind-body medicine, talking things out with a therapist, and homeopathy for energetic balance and alignment; but it all starts with exploring the root cause of your symptoms and designing a natural treatment plan suited to you and your circumstances.

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