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Just like a cherry ripe only good for you!!

This is a raw vegan smoothie that is one of my absolute summer favourites. I do occasionally make it with frozen cherries when fresh aren’t in season, but fresh is always best.

My photos tend not to be Instagram-worthy but my recipes are simple, healthy and made for eating (not photographing!).

For this summer delight just throw into the blender:

  • a big handful of fresh pitted cherries (works with frozen too)

  • a handful of raw cashews

  • a teaspoon of coconut oil

  • a teaspoon of raw cacao

  • water (or milk of your choice, but it works just fine with water as the cashews create a creaminess)

  • add a fresh pitted date if you prefer your smoothies a little sweeter 🙂

And enjoy every sweet mouthful….


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